Welcome to our love story!

Welcome to our love story!

It was love at first sight for this stock market following connoisseur of bottled waters and this kale eating hippie. 


It isn't a case of opposites attracting, however.  We share the same birthday, ruling planets and  unconditional love. 

Being one another's reflection isn't always easy,

but it is the best experience on the planet. 


Julie & Lawrence


We Are

We are open, honest, and full of fun. We are not afraid to hold one another (or anyone else) accountable in a gentle, loving way. We are twin flames, soul mates and abundant manifestors, changing our world with our words and thoughts.

We are survivors who have been through hard challenges and now are willing to go back into the fire and help others who might be struggling with the same trials. 

We are committed to the success of everyone we work with and will go the extra mile to make awesome happen!

We are: BA in Psychology, Qi Gong Instructor, Student of Chinese Medicine and snowboarding fanatic (Lawrence...)  BA in Social Sciences, AAS in Interior Design, Certified Life Coach, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner, former college faculty member and lover of New York City and Honolulu (Julie...) 

Above all, we are believers in the life changing power of unconditional love- poured out and taken in- as the Universe breathes it. 

We can't wait to meet you!

Getting Married?


Wedding planning can be the most joyous time of your life, but also very stressful. Make sure to set aside time to focus on one another outside of your future wedding roles as bride and groom. Date nights without talking about the big day are important.

Getting your healthiest is also crucial. We love to work with engaged couples to help them meet their goals through the Shaklee 180 plan.

And, last but not least- weddings are expensive! That can cause a little stress in your life for sure. Be sure to read our eBook, For Better, For Richer, For Health. It outlines a few creative ways to get paid for getting healthier for your wedding. What could be better than that?  Order it here....

Finally- did you know that Lawrence is an ordained minister? He hasn't done a wedding yet! Who would like to be first?